Network Security Solutions

Do your employees need to conduct official and non-official business over highly secure, controlled Wi-Fi systems? Precision Solutions can design and deploy a highly scalable solution that enables everyone within your organization to operate on their company issued or government issued equipment, securely.

To learn more about how Precision Solutions can help your agency set up a highly secure Wi-Fi system for both official and non-official business contact us.

Audio/Video Engineering Services

Utilizing the latest technologies, we plan, implement and manage the construction of cutting edge, secure communication facilities. We specialize in the operation and maintenance of these facilities, ensuring continuous engagement and communication efficiency for our clients.

To learn more about how Precision Solutions with Audio/Video Engineering Services contact us.

Architecture and Engineering Support

We design and build Cloud-native and traditional applications and systems to help our clients differentiate themselves. We manage all phases: design, build, test and go-live to make absolutely certain your systems meet your expectations

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Architecture and Engineering Support

Entry Criteria

Development or Integration reqs.
New Interface
Physical Facility Modification
Operational Requirements
New Monitoring Requirements
Hardware Updates
Software Updates


Understanding of Current Schedules
SOPs for O&M Functions
Formal Testing Procedures
Access Management Policies
Formal Performance Testing


Security Updates
Program Schedule
Operations Logs
Industry Analysis


Released Product
Updated Environment
Updated Deliverables
Updated SOPs
Lessons Learned
Prototype / Test Results


Environment Statistics
Functional and Performance Test Results
Post Deployment Monitoring
Risk Register

Exit Criteria

Test Passed
Performance Test Passed
CCB Approval
Acceptance / Approval of the Client

Service Strategy

Review of requirements, policies, or operational need
Determine existing processes or methodologies to accomplish the task
Communicate with external agencies or vendors

Service Design

Determine impact of action to existing systems and system documentation
Perform Risk Analysis / Develop Plan and Schedule
Produce Engineering Design Artifacts
Client Impact Brief

Service Transition

Gain change approval through Change Management (including Change Evaluation)
Create new software, implement physical facility change.
Perform validation / testing procedures
Update configuration management

Service Operation

Support new release through event, incident, and problem management
Implement routine tasks to perform operations and sustainment on new item
Implement monitoring and reporting


Review of the procedures for lessons learned
Incorporation of lessons learned into baseline.

What is the ITIL Framework?

ITIL is a framework for effectively managing IT services throughout the entire service lifecycle. The ITIL framework offers guidance and best practices for managing the five stages of the IT service lifecycle: service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.

What are the 5 stages of ITIL?

The five service areas of ITIL are summarized in the graphic here. This summary will provide the reference from which we address our detailed approach to the requirements of this base task and its sub-tasks.

Precision Solutions implements these principles to deliver the following class of services:


Enterprise System and Software Services